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Professional, Sworn Translator and Interpreter Services in Gauteng, South Africa.

SMA Consulting offers consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at meetings, conferences, congresses in Russian-English languages. Professional interpreter with over 20 years of experience both in Russia and South Africa.

Interpreting of governmental and ministerial meetings, international conferences. Knowledge of terminology in technical, legal, mining, economic and other fields. We offer professional high quality interpretation from Russian into English and back. We have good experience in consecutive interpreting of round-the-table talks and meeting in all spheres: legal, business, mining, energy, metallurgy, agriculture, banking, etc. We interpreted all high level governmental meetings between Russia and South Africa.

We offer simultaneous interpretation at conferences and congresses. Our interpreters have good experience and have provided interpreting at practically all important conferences in South Africa, including: Kimberly project, ITEC (Inter-government Committee), World Bank, Environmental, etc.

Interpreting at ministerial meetings between the Ministers of SA and Russia, interpreting during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to South Africa, Simultaneous interpretation at all sessions of the Intergovernmental Technical and Economic Committee (SA Russia), Simultaneous interpretation at major international conferences hosted by the RSA.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a bit misleading. While the translator is almost instantaneously delivering the information, they must wait on the subject or verb in the sentence to be sure they are clearly representing the speakers intentions.

Simultaneous skills

Because of the short time frame and the complexity of language, a simultaneous interpreter must be quick-thinking and decide on the most likely interpretation and follow it through. To spend unnecessary time agonizing over the speakers phrasing could amount to losing important information in the next sentence.

Simultaneous needs

Simultaneous interpretation is usually done with headphones and a microphone and used in group discussions, conferences and business meetings. The interpreter usually has the benefit of seeing the speech in advance.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves the speaker delivering the speech in their source language and then pausing after complete thoughts so that the translator can interpret the idea to the audience. Thus, consecutive translating is more likely to be paraphrased.

Consecutive use and meaning

Consecutive interpreters generally take notes and develop their own shorthand to accurately reflect the speakers meaning. Consecutive interpreting usually occurs in courtrooms, conferences and small (boardroom) business meetings.

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