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Professional, Sworn Translator and Interpreter Services in Gauteng, South Africa.

SMA Consulting offers professional Russian - English Translation Services

We offer professional accurate translations of all types of documents including legal, technical, economic, personal etc. from Russian into English and from English into Russian.

The translations are done by a professional sworn translator with over 20 years of experience, knowledge of terminology and document formats. If necessary the documents are sealed with the official seal of the sworn translator which makes the translation legal and accepted by all official bodies of South Africa. We offer reasonable rates for all services rendered.

Professional (sworn) translation of all documents including:

  • Translations for the Governments of SA and Russia, including inter-governmental agreements.
  • Translation of business documents including contracts, Charters.
  • Translation of technical documents including mining, energy, chemical equipment, medical, legal, etc.
  • Translation of all personal documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, passports, licences and other documents with the stamp of the sworn translator for further legalization in the SA authorities.

Types of Translations and General Information

Administrative translation (Russian-English)

The translation of administrative texts. Although administrative has a very broad meaning, in terms of translation it refers to common texts used within businesses and organisations that are used in day to day management. It can also be stretched to cover texts with similar functions in government.

Commercial translation (Russian-English)

Commercial translation or business translation covers any sort of document used in the business world such as correspondence, company accounts, tender documents, reports, etc. Commercial translations require specialist translators with knowledge of terminology used in the business world.

Computer translation (Russian-English)

Not to be confused with CAT, computer assisted translations, which refer to translations carried out by software. Computer translation is the translation of anything to do with computers such as software, manuals, help files, etc. SMA Consulting does not use CAT.

Technical translation (Russian-English)

Technical translation has a broad meaning and can range from mining terminology to electrical and electronic engineering to power engineering and mechanical engineering to translating aircraft manuals.

Economic translation (Russian-English)

Similar to commercial or business translation, economic translation is simply a more specific term used for the translation of documents relating to the field of economics. Such texts are usually a lot more academic in nature.

Financial translation (Russian-English)

Financial translation is the translation of texts of a financial nature. Anything from banking to asset management to stocks and bonds could be covered.

General translation (Russian-English)

A general translation is the simplest of translations. A general text means that the language used is not high level and to a certain extent could be in layman's terms. There is no specific or technical terminology used. Most translations carried out fall under this category.

SMA Consulting has experience with all the above Russian-English translations

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